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Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas


Chair of the Council

Register of interests

“I have lived in the parish for 45 years, and during that time have seen many changes. There have been many improvements; the village is now well regarded. I am particularly interested in the care and development of our public open spaces and I am looking forward to continuing to serve the residents of the parish.

My priority during my time as Chair will be to ensure that we improve our communications within the Parish Council, between Councillors and Staff and between the Parish Council and the public.”

Gavin Heathcote

“I grew up in Cheshire, have a degree in youth and community development but now work in transport management. I’m married to Sam and have one daughter who attends Peasedown St John Primary School. I’m a keen dog walker and feel this is a great way to interact with people regarding local issues.”

Sam Heathcote

“Having lived in the village for the last 7 years and having a young daughter I am keen to ensure our village remains family focused with appropriate provisions in place that are accessible to all. Family is the heart of Peasedown and a community that continues to flourish and be welcoming - all of which I’m keen to support as your parish councillor.”

John Bailey

“My background is in management in Blue Chip, Financial Services companies, and I have worked voluntarily with local sports clubs, Young Enterprise, Age Concern and Cruse Bereavement Care. Three generations of my family live in Peasedown, enjoying the quality of life here. I work as a Parish Councillor, with no political affiliation, to help Peasedown become an even better place for everybody to live, where all age groups can participate in and enjoy the benefits of a strong, well run community.”

Les Sprake

"Originally raised in Dorset, I spent most of my life in Somerset. I am now retired after 25 years working as a Facilities Manager for an American Mintoil Company in Frome. I have been married to Audrey (my second marriage) for the last 13 years. We live in the Eckweek part of the village, close to the cemetery. I am a dog owner and keep an eye on the village when walking my dog around the area."

Jonathan Rich

Jonathan Rich


Vice Chair of the Council

Register of interests

"I am pleased to say that I have lived in Peasedown St John all my life. I went to the local primary school & attended Writhlington school. I am passionate about my community and previously served for nearly 12 years as a Parish Councillor until Jan 2011. I was the vice chair for 4 years.

I am determined to bring about positive change for all within my neighbourhood and I want to use my experience to ensure that the Parish Council is equipped to properly serve the people of Peasedown St John.’ I believe that Peasedown St John deserves a consistent Parish Council which puts people’s needs first."

Barbara Bailey

"I have lived in Peasedown St John for over 10 years now, and also have family working and attending school in the village.

I was born and brought up in West London. I worked for the GLC until I married and had my family. I was a foster parent for five years, and then moved into working for local government with the children and families team, supporting vulnerable children and young adults. Until recently I volunteered with Cruse bereavement care as a counsellor for over 20 years. I also trained and worked as a Family Group Conference Organiser, and as a mediator. I trust that these life experiences may come in useful as a Parish Councillor."

Mandy Clarke

"Being an active member of the village has always been something I’ve believed to be important. We all have a responsibility to look after the community in which we live in, which was why I decided to become a councillor back in 2011.

Over those years, and before, I’ve helped set up the Peasedown Residents Association, where I currently serve as Secretary. We organise parties for children and meals for the elderly. We’ve also raised £2,000 to fund social events.

Since 2005 I’ve been an active member of various groups over the years, such as St John’s Church, Mercy in Action, Party in the Park and the Fund for Peasedown."


"I’ve lived in Peasedown for the last 15 years, and been active in the community for most of that time.

Ten years ago I was part of the project team that transformed The Green area in Frederick and Albert Avenues and today am part of the Residents Association that helps look after it. Since 2013 I’ve been the Vice-Chairman.

With other members of the Association I help raise funds for the community and organise social events that bring people together.

I’ve also been a regular volunteer at Party in the Park and have helped raised funds for the Fund for Peasedown, Mercy in Action Charity Shop and St John’s Church too.

As a resident of Albert Avenue I enjoy representing the views of the residents on the estate at Parish Council meetings."

Jo Davis

"I’ve lived in Peasedown for 14 years, although my extended family has lived here for the last 100 years.

I want to bring Peasedown Parish Council into the 21st century by making it welcoming, easy to contact, active and responsive to all of the villagers – PSJ Council is responsible for spending circ £100,000 of our money each year! I want each resident of Peasedown to feel fully represented by their councillors at all times."

Audrey Gillard-Sprake

"I have lived in Peasedown St John for the last 25 years, my family live in the village also I am married to Mr Les Sprake.

I worked in our local Pharmacy for eight years. I volunteer at Radstock Museum as a Steward meeting and greeting. Also on the Education team helping children to learn the areas history.

I would be happy to concentrate on things to the improve the future of the village for everyone. Planning for new homes or parks, gardens or the environment I will find interesting."

Simon Kidd

Simon Kidd


Chair of Personnel Committee

Register of interests

“Originally from the Teesside area, I went to University in South Wales and moved to Peasedown St John in 1995 and have lived here ever since. My children were born and raised here, and I consider Peasedown my home. I am particularly keen to look at the communications between the Parish Council and the community. To make the best use of differing communications media to reach the majority of people and create a public facing, open council. In particular internet publishing and how to deliver information can be done quickly, cheaply and effectively.”

Andy Larcombe

Andy Larcombe


Chair of Finance & Amenities Committee

Register of interests

"I'm originally from Cornwall, my 30 year career in branch banking with Barclays has taken me to many parts of the West Country until I settled in Peasedown, with my wife and daughters, 11 years ago. I believe my financial experience and specialism in mortgages, can assist on the budgetary and planning matters within the council. Having seen my family grow up in the village, I aim to use my experience as a parent and resident to enhance the village for all who live here.

I believe local politics are best served by focusing on local issues and I am proud to be an independent councillor allowing me the freedom to represent my village with my own moral compass of treating everyone fairly, acting with integrity and always aiming to ensure every decision we make as a council delivers progress to a better life for those we serve, the residents of Peasedown St John."

Ray Love

“I am a retired Insurance Manager with the Prudential Assurance and I moved from Winchester to Peasedown in 2013. Whilst in Winchester, I was a City Councillor for 16 years and was a founder of a mental health befrienders charity, a founder and Trustee at the Women’s Refuge, a Trustee and volunteer working with homeless young people with drug and alcohol problems and a Secondary School Governor for 17 years.

Since coming to Peasedown, I have become the Press Officer for Peasedown St John Methodist Church and a Governor at Writhlington School. Moving to Peasedown was at first a daunting decision, as I had never lived in a village before, but I need not have worried as the people have been friendly and welcoming and I look forward to my future here - hence my decision to stand as a Parish Councillor.”

Conor Ogilvie-Davidson

"I have been fortunate to live in Peasedown my entire life, going to school in Wellow, then Writhlington and progressing to study Marketing at Bath Spa University to Masters level.

I am now working for Somerset Football Association as their Marketing and Communications Officer and studying a further sports industry Masters qualification.

Working in the football industry has given me a great interest in this area, and combined with my pride in our village I hope to be able to make a positive contribution whilst I am on Council."