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Peasedown St John Parish Council Sheds Light on Streetlight Concerns

The Parish Council would like to explain some of the issues with faulty streetlights which have taken a long time to resolve, causing frustration for residents in some parts of the village. This has been caused by some major changes which have been largely outside of our control.

Firstly, the Parish Council has upgraded its streetlights to energy-efficient LED lights. This has already resulted in cost-savings for our residents and in the longer-term will be significant. These lights also provide other benefits such as more effective lighting for roads and pavements, darker skies, and a lower environmental impact.

However, we recognise that there have been some problems with the new lights, some of which were taken from a faulty batch, which has unfortunately resulted in a higher failure rate than usual. These problems would normally be resolved by the installation contractor, SSE Contracting Ltd, under warranty. However, SSE Contracting Ltd have recently advised that equipment failures must now be followed up directly with the manufacturer.

The Clerk is currently liaising with the manufacturer for several replacement units, under the terms of the warranty. These units are a long time coming, due to the various impacts on manufacturing and distribution. We are looking to repair the faulty lights swiftly, as well as securing a number of replacement lamps for future repairs to eliminate the delays we have encountered to date.

An Advisory Panel of the Parish Council is working hard with Parish Council staff to expedite these repairs and to negotiate a new streetlighting maintenance contract to avoid any similar delays in the future. Councillor Kathy Thomas, Chair of the Advisory Panel, said: “We are very grateful to local residents for their patience whilst our street lighting maintenance process is under review, and we hope that any recent issues will be resolved in the very near future.

Photo shows:  Members of the Advisory Panel. L to R: Cllr Andy Larcombe; Cllr Conor Ogilvie-Davidson; Cllr Kathy Thomas; Cllr Jonathan Rich with one of the Parish Council streetlights on Braysdown Lane.


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