Civic Regalia

crest as described in the accompanying paragraph

The Parish Council crest was designed by a previous Clerk (John Whittock) with help from the village school children and Vaughtons (a Birmingham based company who manufacture Chains of Office).

Top left - The Somerset Griffin is facing the opposite direction from usual which signifies that the village, although removed from Somerset in 1974 (due to the formation of Wansdyke and Avon Councils) returned to Somerset in 1996 when Bath & North East Somerset was formed as a Unitary Authority.
Top right – The Beacon is the Beacon at Beacon Hall (one of the highest points in the village) which is lit to mark special occasions.
Bottom left – The lamb being the symbol of Saint John the Baptist.
Bottom Right – Depicts the cobbled Roman road of the Fosse Way, which runs through the village, the red post signifies the red Roman Milestone which once stood in the village and the crossed pick and shovel remembers the mining industry which was once the main employment of the village.

The Parish Council crest is on the medallion of the Chair’s Chain of Office which is worn by the Chair of the Council at formal ceremonies and events.

Parish Council Chairs - Past and Present

1955 – 1961 – R J Holvey
1961 – 1966 – A H Garrett
1966 – 2006 – E J Derrick
2006 – 2011 – R W G Butt
2011 – 2012 – N E Hopkins
2012 – 2012 - E D Lindsay
2012 – 2015 - A G Fraser
2015 – 2021 - K M Thomas
2021 – Present - J P Rich