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 Cllr John Bailey

Cllr John Bailey

"My background is in management in Blue Chip, Financial Services companies, and I have worked voluntarily with local sports clubs, Young Enterprise, Age Concern and Cruse Bereavement Care. Three generations of my family live in Peasedown, enjoying the quality of life here.

I work as a Parish Councillor, with no political affiliation, to help Peasedown become an even better place for everybody to live, where all age groups can participate in and enjoy the benefits of a strong, well run community."


 Cllr Calvin Bird  

Cllr Calvin Bird

"Now virtually retired, I am by Profession a Personnel Manager. I help family and friends complete Tax Returns and provide voluntary business support for a charity.

I am keen to support opportunities for youngsters (Having been a Scout Leader and helped run a youngsters’ Football Club.) I admire those, who give their time to support youngsters.

Parish Councils do not have much money, but what they can do is generate opportunities for all age groups."


 Cllr Marta Brothers

I’m originally Peruvian and have lived in England for 26 years. I have worked within communities in the past and have experienced how passionate residents can come together to make a positive change for where they live. I am pleased to be a part of a Parish Council that seems to really care and listens to its residents.

I’m open minded to change but also value keeping traditions and having an understanding of our heritage.  Peasedown is a richly diverse area and I think it would be great to be able to tap into that as we grow as a village.

I’m passionate about helping to make the Parish Council accessible and approachable to everyone. I would like to focus on how to have more community led events and how we can use facilities like the Beacon Hall to connect with everyone in the village and how we can help to integrate new families into the village.

 Cllr Mandy Clarke  

Cllr Mandy Clarke

"I’ve lived in Peasedown St John since 2000 with my family and have always been active within the village.

I currently volunteer in the Mercy in Action charity shop in the centre of the village."

Cllr Tom Clifford

"I have lived in the village since 1998, I am married with two children both of whom have attended Writhlington School.  I have worked in local government for 14 years, holding senior posts with Cambridgeshire County Council and South Gloucestershire Council.  Through my work I have a good understanding of sustainability and a keen interest in the environment.  I would be keen to utilise this knowledge on behalf of the Council with regard to the Council's environmental and planning work."

 Cllr Jo Davis  

Cllr Jo Davis

"I’ve lived in Peasedown for 14 years, although my extended family has lived here for the last 100 years.

I want to bring Peasedown Parish Council into the 21st century by making it welcoming, easy to contact, active and responsive to all of the villagers – PSJ Council is responsible for spending circ £100,000 of our money each year! I want each resident of Peasedown to feel fully represented by their councillors at all times."

 Cllr Andrew Fraser

Cllr Andrew Fraser [Chair, Full Council]

"Peasedown and the communities around are in a time of development. What was here twenty years ago is changing, growing and maturing. The services we rely on and the streets in which we live will be different in another twenty years time; and we have a better chance than ever to help steer that change. I have been working for two years to use the powers of the Council for the benefit of every resident; and I have been thrilled to discover the energy that other members of our community want to direct towards the same goal. I was elected as part of the community association, Peasedown 1st, but in order to work in tandem with a diverse Council, I work as an Independent councillor. During the time of my chairmanship I’m determined to support residents, including my fellow councillors, so that we can all say in the future that these have been productive years.”


Cllr Nathan Hartley

"Peasedown St John has been my home for almost 30 years. For the last 13 years I have been an active member of various community groups, projects and churches, and for the last 6 years I’ve represented the views of local people on Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Both as an individual and as a local councillor I’ve always carried a strong passion for working with people – particularly at the grassroots.

  • My previous experience and track record of community action includes:
    Co-founder and creator Party in the Park – one of the biggest family events in B&NES
  • Founder of other initiatives such as the Sara Holley Community Award, Party in the Park Grant Fund and the Be Part of It volunteer scheme
  • Securing more than £30,000 for road resurfacing and public realm improvements
  • Organising tree planting events, clean up events and environmental action days
  • Both individually and by working with others, I’ve secured/brought to the village over £50,000 for community projects
  • Completing over 3,000 individual pieces of casework for residents since 2007

As well as being a high profile local councillor I run my own PR consultancy offering advice to businesses in the south west and in London. I’m also the founder of a national equal rights organisation and regular contributor to BBC radio programmes on news and current affairs."

Cllr Gavin Heathcote

Gavin Heathcote grew up in Cheshire, has a degree in youth and community development but now works in transport management.  Married to Sam with a baby on the way, Gavin is a keen dog walker and feels this is a great way to interact with people regarding local issues.

Cllr Sam Heathcote

Sam Heathcote is a qualified children's social worker.  She is expecting her first child and has chosen to settle in Peasedown St John and raise her family.  She is passionate about strengthening family networks and promoting positive activities within the community.

Cllr Andy Larcombe

"I'm originally from Cornwall, my 30 year career in branch banking with Barclays has taken me to many parts of the West Country until I settled in Peasedown, with my wife and daughters, 11 years ago.  I believe my financial experience and specialism in mortgages, can assist on the budgetary and planning matters within the council.  Having seen my family grow up in the village, I aim to use my experience as a parent and resident to enhance the village for all who live here.

I believe local politics are best served by focusing on local issues and I am proud to be an independent councillor allowing me the freedom to represent my village with my own moral compass of treating everyone fairly, acting with integrity and always aiming to ensure every decision we make as a council delivers progress to a better life for those we serve, the residents of Peasedown St John."


 Cllr Jordan Ness 

Having lived in Peasedown for over 15 years, I am happy to at last be able to to give something back to the community, as an elected Councillor. There are so many wonderful things in the village that I have been a part of over the years, such as performing live music at the annual Waggon & Horses charity fundraiser, and I am keen to help the village in whatever way I can through my role here at the Parish Council.

I realise that being only 19, I am one of the youngest Councillors, but I am looking forward to working with, and learning from, the experience members that have served Peasedown well thus far.

Cllr Jonathan Rich

I am pleased to say that I have lived in Peasedown St John all my life. I went to the local primary school  & attended Writhlington school. I am passionate about my community and previously served for nearly 12 years as a Parish Councillor until Jan 2011. I was the vice chair for 4 years.

I am determined to bring about positive change for all within my neighbourhood and I want to use my experience to ensure that the Parish Council is equipped to properly serve the people of Peasedown St John.’ I believe that Peasedown St John deserves a consistent Parish Council which puts people’s needs first.

 Cllr Kathy Thomas 

I have lived in the parish for 43 years, and during that time have seen many changes. There have been many improvements; the village is now well regarded. I am particularly interested in the care and development of our public open spaces and am looking forward to serving the residents of the parish.



 Cllr David Walker

Cllr David Walker

"I’ve lived in Peasedown for 27 years and am the Managing and Financial Director of two locally based companies.

We hope to fulfill our potential as a Parish Council and bring our village up to date and part of the wider community.

Having represented Somerset at Football, Rugby and Cricket in my younger days, I have a great passion for sport and love to watch it whenever I can."

 Cllr Karen Walker  

Cllr Karen Walker  [Vice-Chair, Full Council]

"I have been happy to call Peasedown my home for 41 years.

I attended Peasedown Primary, Writhlington Secondary, and Bath Technical College before raising three children.

I have seen Peasedown grow over the last 20 years which has brought many more families to our community.

Community is something I feel very passionately about. I am a member of the Peasedown 1st community group that has been active with clean up events, sponsored walks and refurbishing historical assets such as the turnpike marker next to the Red Post Inn.  

I’m also the Bookings Manager and one of the founders of Peasedown’s Party in the Park, a radio show host on Somer Valley FM’s Loose Women, and a regular attendee at various events around the village. I do it all because I believe in bringing the people that live in this beautiful village together. By being active and encouraging others to do, we all feel a sense of empowerment.

When I’m not giving up my spare time I own & run Bath’s largest cleaning business with my husband David. Well established, we’ve been operating in the region for the last 14 years."

Cllr John Whittock

"Veteran councillor having served on Town, District and Unitary Councils since 1976.  Was Clerk to this Council 1988-2005 and now wishes to join the parish as a serving member hoping to make a difference to the day to day wellbeing of every member of the village".


Chairman of the Council:  Cllr Andrew Fraser
Vice-Chairman of the Council:  Cllr Karen Walker

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